Feb 092012


Painted OceanMateo Gonzalez a.k.a. Lunar is a San Francisco based dj. Originally from Los Angeles and trained as an architect. Lunar began djing in 2002, starting with deep progressive house, and breakbeat. His love for drum and bass turned into a passion in 2007 and has since become his defining sound. His emotive mixes take on dualistic themes, with story lines of dark matter and light. Lunar’s mixes have been described as dark, minimal, deep, atmospheric, futuristic, and soulful.

With a wide range of musical influences from the avant garde noise of Skinny Puppy and Neubauten, to the jazz beat sounds of Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker, to the contemporary sounds of Orbital and Underworld. Lunar continues to be a lover of music and objects that are moody, provocative, and boundary pushing, influencing both his physical creations and his mixes.

Lunar is dj resident and founder of Lunarcast.net.  He continues to voice his musical storytelling through his podcasts.


Lunar’s Soundcloud